Admission fees

Admission fees (VAT included)

9.00 Euro

Visitors entitled to a reduction*
7.00 Euro

Under 6 years
Free of Charge

* Visitors entitled to a reduction are: children to the age of 15, pupils, students, apprentices, holders of the Saxon honorary office card, members of Deutscher Museumsbund and disabled and needy persons upon presentation of a valid ID.

Group admission fees as of 12 participants

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7.50 Euro

Visitors entitled to a reduction*
5.00 Euro

One-off payment necessary, cannot be combined with other special rates.

Special family rates

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2 adults and 1 child
19.00 Euro

2 adults and 2 children
21.00 Euro

2 adults and 3 children or more
22.50 Euro

1 adult and 1 child
13.00 Euro

1 adult and 2 children
15.00 Euro

1 adult and 3 or more children
18.00 Euro

Tickets & special rates

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Annual ticket
23.00 Euro

7.00 Euro

7.00 Euro

10 % discount on regular fee (9 Euro) and family rates


Dt. Museumsbund
7.00 Euro

Rates for guided tours

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12 participants max
60.00 Euro (plus admission fee)

each additional participant
5.00 Euro (plus admission fee)


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Permission to take pictures and videos
 - included -

Audio tours are available in German and English
2.50 Euro (plus admission fee)

For security reasons we do not accept 500 € denomination bills.