The August Horch Museum supports education, culture and maintenance of historical automobiles. The museum takes care of the following tasks:

1) To convey the history of the regional automotive production in Zwickau and western Saxony;

2) to collect, restore, preserve and exhibit the according objects;

3) to function as a donor of ideas for schools and vocation;

4) to meet the expectations of the visitors by responding to their desires and wishes as best as possible.


The museum has got education, entertainment and free time offers that go along with the needs of the target groups. In a non-authoritarian and communicative way it wants to create an interest in a crucial part of German automotive history. By serving its purposes, the August Horch Museum contributes to the cultural life of Zwickau and aims at preserving the cultural heritage. The museum portrays the work of the people and the development of the region up to the present day. The museum looks at automotive history not only from its technical side. It also wants to portray the automobile as part of a social, political and economical development. Hence the visitor may experience a time travel of more than 115 years of automotive production in western Saxony. For instances: The historical gas station, the office of August Horch, the test bench with an 8 cylinder-in-line-Horch-engine or the Duroplast production settings during the Trabant era.

The museum explicitly addresses visitors of all ages, from abroad or domestic, which are interested in Automobiles and their history. Automotive clubs as well as touristic entrepreneurs are target groups likewise. The regional companies also consider the museum a worthy destination for their employees and customers.

The museum works with full-time employees as well as with honorary employees. The full-time employees are responsible for the administrative and historical service. The honorary staff contributes as guides and museum attendants. Further education takes place by internal and external seminars and the purchase of literature.