The August Horch Museum will do everything for you to have a comfortable stay here.
Therefore the museum is equipped with a lot of measurements to ensure disability aptitude.

The only non-accessible part of the exhibition is the August Horch Mansion. Built in 1911, the basic structure of the building will not allow a structural alteration. Guide dogs as well as therapy dogs are allowed in the museum.
Ground level entrance door with a bell
Easily accessible elevators connect all areas of the exhibition
The museum can be entered through a ground-level door in the entrance area.

After ringing the easily accessible doorbell, our staff will welcome you.

Of course this also applies to families with prams.
Elevators connect the two levels of the exhibition.

Conference and meeting rooms may also be accessed via elevators.

A toilet for disabled visitors (which doubles as a baby changing room) is also available.
The entire exhibition area is equipped with comfortable seating, allowing the guest to rest and linger.

For people with walking disabilities we offer a wheel chair or a walking frame. 

A deposit is required for these loans.
The museum provides two diaper changing tables for families with babies and toddlers. One is located near the toilets at the entrance and the other one is near the restaurant.

The toilets hold seat minimizers and stools to reach the sink.

The restaurant is provided with high chairs and will serve on demand on suitable plates.
At the entrance you may also rent a light but stable stool to take a rest anywhere you please.