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20th ITT postponed to 2020

Dear Trabant enthusiasts,

the 20th International Trabant Meeting (ITT) will not, as originally planned, take place in 2019, but in 2020. Reason for the postponement is the “Sächsische Landesausstellung”, the Saxon State Exhibition with the topic: Industrial Heritage & Man. The main exhibition will be located in the historical Audi building right next to the August Horch Museum.  As a consequence, construction works on a large area surrounding the museum are planned, which make the hosting of the ITT impossible. The postponement to the 19th to 21st of June 2020 will combine both: the ITT and “Sächsische Landesausstellung”! Additionally the August Horch Museum will therefore present a special exhibition as part of the Saxon State Exhibition. The caption is Man-Machine-Mobility. Please mark the date! Whether as visitor of the August Horch Museum, of the Landesausstellung or as participant of the ITT – there will be much to see!

More information like the announcement for example will be uploaded on this site in time.






Written by: Administrator 1 2019.01.04



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